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Relationship ABCs Card Deck

Welcome to the newest release by Licensed Relationship Therapist Shemiah Derrick!

Introducing the ultimate card deck for couples - the Relationship ABCs Conversation Cards! Take conversations with your partner to a new level with this creative, engaging, and unique card game tailor-made for couples wanting to deepen their bond and bring more love, fun, and connection into their lives. Whether you are newlyweds, a long-term couple, or just looking to rekindle the spark in your relationship, the Relationship ABCs Card Deck is the perfect tool to reignite your interest and make conversations fun again.

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    “Love the Relationship ABCs Card Deck! It's a unique way to connect with my partner and deepen our connection and trust.”

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    Jasmine Martin

    Chicago, IL

    What'S THE DEAL?

    The Relationship ABCs Card Deck is the perfect game for couples looking to explore and discuss the many topics that make up a healthy relationship. Featuring 32 cards, each card is printed with a unique relationship-building topic, such as communication, trust, and respect. Whether you are just starting out or in a long-term relationship, the Relationship ABCs Card Deck is the perfect way to inspire meaningful conversations, increase intimacy, and strengthen your connection.

    about shemiah

    Shemiah Derrick, Licensed Relationship Therapist

    Hey there! I'm Shemiah Derrick, the passionate relationship enthusiast and creator of #RelationshipCheatCodes and the Relationship ABCs Card Deck. As a licensed relationship therapist, I've always been fascinated by the magic of human connections and the power of healthy relationships. I believe in the power of deep, meaningful conversations and I'm on a mission to help couples communicate better, love deeper, and laugh harder. So, are you ready to dive into the world of Relationship ABCs with me?